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訪問   FLORINT(International Florists Organization) 人気サイト    rss 最終更新日 2013-7-28 20:56
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<Organization History>(copy from their official Website)

Up to the year 2009, International Florist Organisation Florint was named the “European Federation of Professional Florists’ Associations" (FEUPF in short). This federation was founded way back in 1956, in Strasbourg. The founders were a number of National Florists’ Associations that worried about the possible threats of the advancing European integration. On the other hand they simultaneously saw opportunities as well, if they proved able to create and intensify cooperation between their associations at the European level.

Nowadays, Florint organizes and politically represents the national Florist Associations of 20+ European countries. Membership applications of various other countries, outside Europe as well, are currently pending.

Florint thus represents a relatively small, but in no way negligible part of European industry: about 100.000 European florists together generate a total turnover of more than 15 billion Euros. More than 350.000 people earn their living in a flower shop, of which 150.000 are estimated to be paid employees.


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