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訪問   American Primrose Society 人気サイト おすすめサイト    atom 最終更新日 2009-5-18 14:17
カテゴリ  さくらそう  arrow  さくらそう愛好会  arrow  海外  arrow  アメリカ
主催者  American Primrose Society

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訪問   Biodiversity Heritage Library    rss 最終更新日 2012-5-13 5:51
カテゴリ  園芸  arrow  情報サービス  arrow  海外
The Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) is a consortium of natural history and botanical libraries that cooperate to digitize and make accessible the legacy literature of biodiversity held in their collections and to make that literature available for open access and responsible use as a part of a global “biodiversity commons.” The BHL consortium works with the international taxonomic community, rights holders, and other interested parties to ensure that this biodiversity heritage is made available to a global audience through open access principles. In partnership with the Internet Archive and through local digitization efforts , the BHL has digitized millions of pages of taxonomic literature , representing tens of thousands of titles and over 100,000 volumes.

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訪問   Botanicus Digital Library 人気サイト    rss 最終更新日 2012-5-14 10:20
カテゴリ  園芸  arrow  情報サービス  arrow  海外  arrow  USA
To improve access to scientific literature, we have created Botanicus, a freely accessible, Web-based encyclopedia of digitized historic botanical literature from the Missouri Botanical Garden Library. We have been digitizing materials from our library since 1995, focusing primarily on beautifully illustrated volumes from our rare book collection. Botanicus has been supported by generous funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the W.M. Keck Foundation, and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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訪問   Danish Primula Club 人気サイト    rss 最終更新日 2009-5-18 14:31
カテゴリ  さくらそう  arrow  さくらそう愛好会  arrow  海外  arrow  デンマーク
主催者  Dansk Primula Klub

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訪問   FLORINT(International Florists Organization) 人気サイト    rss 最終更新日 2013-7-28 20:56
カテゴリ  園芸  arrow  協会、団体
<Organization History>(copy from their official Website)

Up to the year 2009, International Florist Organisation Florint was named the “European Federation of Professional Florists’ Associations" (FEUPF in short). This federation was founded way back in 1956, in Strasbourg. The founders were a number of National Florists’ Associations that worried about the possible threats of the advancing European integration. On the other hand they simultaneously saw opportunities as well, if they proved able to create and intensify cooperation between their associations at the European level.

Nowadays, Florint organizes and politically represents the national Florist Associations of 20+ European countries. Membership applications of various other countries, outside Europe as well, are currently pending.

Florint thus represents a relatively small, but in no way negligible part of European industry: about 100.000 European florists together generate a total turnover of more than 15 billion Euros. More than 350.000 people earn their living in a flower shop, of which 150.000 are estimated to be paid employees.


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訪問   Hiking・デジカメ画像・ワイン&Diet日記    atom 最終更新日 2010-3-22 9:41
カテゴリ  さくらそう  arrow  さくらそう愛好家ブログ
主催者  mouse1948

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訪問   North American Rock Garden Society    atom 最終更新日 2009-6-8 17:42
カテゴリ  さくらそう  arrow  さくらそう愛好会  arrow  海外  arrow  アメリカ  :  園芸文化研究  arrow  野生種、山草関連  arrow  協会団体  arrow  海外
主催者  North American Rock Garden Society
NARGS is for gardening enthusiasts interested in alpine, saxatile, and low-growing perennials. It encourages the study and cultivation of wildflowers that grow well among rocks, whether such plants originate above treeline or at lower elevations. Through its publications, meetings, and garden visits, NARGS provides extensive opportunities for both beginners and experts to expand their knowledge of plant cultivation and propagation, and of construction, maintenance, and design of special interest gardens. Woodland gardens, bog gardens, raised beds, planted walls, container gardens, and alpine berms are all addressed.

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訪問   NPO法人 Green Works 人気サイト    atom 最終更新日 2013-7-28 8:57
カテゴリ  教育機関、スクール他  arrow  民間カレッジ、コミュニティスクール他  arrow  フラワーアレンジ  :  地域別自然・植生  arrow  東京
主催者  NPO法人 Green Works




〒144-0051 東京都大田区西蒲田7-24-7-304
e-mail : npo_gworks@yahoo.co.jp



代 表  牧野ふみよ
副代表  井口 実、三浦香澄
理 事  藤平昭仁、梁瀬泰子
監 事  稲田和美、角田公子
顧 問  泉 健司




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訪問   NPO法人 すみだ学習ガーデン    rss 最終更新日 2014-7-27 11:46
カテゴリ  教育機関、スクール他  arrow  民間カレッジ、コミュニティスクール他  :  園芸文化研究  arrow  教育セミナー関連  arrow  エリア区分  arrow  東京都
主催者  NPO法人 すみだ学習ガーデン













5.組織(平成26年 4月 1日現在)

代表者:睥 眞理(理事長)

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訪問   Primulas(Yahoo Group/English)    rss 最終更新日 2009-5-18 14:49
カテゴリ  さくらそう  arrow  さくらそう愛好会  arrow  海外
主催者  Primulas(Primula Gardening Group)
Yahoo Groupにあるプリムラのガーデニングのディスカッショングループ。栽培法や種や苗の入手などさまざまな話題が取り上げられています。(英語)

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